No ‘poo

There’s this movement, no ‘poo, yes it is a movement. No shampoo. When I first dipped my toes in this secret, wonderful underground world of natural living I started with OCM (Oil cleansing method) which my sister told me about. I’m the adventurer in our family so I tried it out (must write post about OCM…) and through links and tags and google and waaaay too much time on my hands I discovered a whole lot more. My weekly science experiments were entertaining to say the least, most of them so harmless and subtle no one needed to know I wasn’t using soap anymore or that I made my own deodorant. Shampoo used to be my addiction, my friend and I have spent years doing this routine: Starbucks for coffee, sit, talk, laugh, Shoppers drug mart, wander up and down each and every isle, coo over the new products read the ingredient labels to each other comparing brands and finally always purchasing SOMETHING. About a month into my “change” we walked in like usual and when we got to the hair isle I stood there frozen, staring at the entire isle full of shampoo, conditioner, and other hair products. I felt like I was seeing the world with new eyes. I said “all of this just to wash your hair…” my friend knew immediately she had lost me forever.

Why on Gods green earth do we have SO MANY choices to wash our hair! Do people realize their hair is dead waste growing out of their scalps? With all of the technology we have today can you seriously tell me no one has found an effective way to wash and condition your hair at the *gasp* SAME TIME?!

So in an effort to reduce my offensive collection of hair products I went poo free. I figured I may as well just go for it and wash with water only. I survived 3 entire weeks!!! With the help of a boar bristle brush (I bought it before I was a veggie hippie) and an incredible loving husband I rinsed my hair around every other day with water. The first week was gross, I’m the type that gets oily after one day. Then for the second week I brushed and brushed and rubbed it with a cloth and scrubbed my scalp with my fingers and I have to say I actually got 2 compliments on my hair that week which is suprising considering I told NO ONE other than my hubby about my experiment (to prevent judgers from sticking their noses in my hair and analyzing my grease content). I pretty much immediately had a weird waxy build up and dry ends, my scalp was in good shape not greasy at all. On the third week it got gross again. Maybe this was the breaking point , maybe if I had waited one more day my hair would have healed itself to beautiful shiny heaven, but I caved. I had become so paranoid that everyone could tell my hair was disgusting it was consuming me. A co worker actually TOUCHED my hair at work one day and of course I screamed “DON’T TOUCH IT IT’S OILY!” After much googling I discovered that the problem may be hard water and thats why it was so waxy and gross, I didn’t care, I just wanted my angel hair back.

I tried the Baking Soda/Vinegar wash-hated it, I’m not patient enough to find the perfect amount of baking soda to use

I enjoyed Dr. Bronners castille soap mixed with coconut milk “sorta ‘poo” (probably because it actually felt like shampoo) but too much of this gave my hair the waxy buildup again

I foolishly attempted to “wash” with coconut oil, that was a sloppy mess

So finally I said F this I’m washing my damn hair. I felt guilty, like I had failed. So I bought a 2in1 to at least stick it to the man! I’ll be damned if I’m going to spend money and time on two stinking bottles of chemicals!

Right now I’m washing when I’m desperate or want to be seen as a clean human being with either 2in1 or the magical egg yolk/vinegar mask. The egg is a goodie but if I feel a buildup after about a week so I will shampoo then.

I’m hoping Henna in my hair will help, it seems to be buying me more time between washes anyhow since its darker in colour, my blonde hair would go brown when oily so it was always super obvi I hadn’t washed.

I’m happy I’m not spending a zillion hours on my hair anymore especially since I wear it in a ponytail EVERY day so this is saving me a lot of time and money! I’ve also noticed that the pimples I would get along my hair line by my neck completely disappeared the moment I stopped using shampoo every day and I always get at least one every time I use the 2in1 without fail. I’m still looking for an alternative to shampoo if anyone has any new ideas for me please share!


Hello world!

Welcome to my attempt to document my adventures and experiments in natural healthy hippiedom.  I’ve tried a whole lotta fun stuff in the last 6 months or so, some great and some terrible (hello, no poo).  This blog is to be a personal, positive space to share my experiences with like minded modern hippie types.  In an effort to stay true to my new simple ways, I wont be reading, re-reading, analyzing, editing, deleting and rewriting my posts.  So if I’m grammatically incorrect, a terrible speller or just plain lazy it’s a good thing I’m not a writer!

During my months of creeping a zillion other blogs I’ve noticed a lot of miserable know it alls wasting “comment” space with their negativity and piss poor attitudes.  I love peoples different opinions and I’m totally open to them but I’m not open to people picking fights or discrediting others thoughts so ya, I’ll totally delete that shit!

Anyhoo if no one reads my blog that’s cool, but I hope I can help someone bring it down to simple!