I’m a ginger now!

Me to my Mum “you should dye your hair with Henna it’s totally natural and actually good for your hair!” My Mum to me “why dont you try it and let me know how it works”. Luckily I did ALOT of research so I knew ahead of time that my naturally blonde hair would turn orange. It’s always a good thing when you know these things and interesting when you still go ahead with it anyway because ‘it seems like fun’. So here I am, a raging red head and I can honestly say I like it. Sure sometimes I miss my angelic sun kissed highlights but red hair is FUNKY!

Messy it is, dont think like me and assume that you must be smarter/tidier than all of the other people that have ever dyed their hair with henna, its chunky and crumbly and gets EVERYWHERE. Lucky for me our bathroom may very well be as old as our house is so I dont really have any sentimental attachment to our already stained beige sink or hideous linoleum floors. Everything I read says it stains but oddly it wiped up clean both times I did it.

My first Henna was sloppy and since I didn’t have any gloves I stuck my hands in plastic bags to protect my skin from staining. As you might imagine this created more work than it was worth as I spent most of my time trying to wipe the chunks out of the creases. I used a box of the powder from our local Goodness Me store and my shoulder length hair seemed to suck it all up pretty quick. It’s hard to spread and I ended up missing a whole bunch of hair leaving creepy blonde patches everywhere. 4 days later I bought another box and had at it again, this time I skipped the gloves because seriously I’m not a hand model and I dont think the dogs I walk care if my hands looks orange (btw they barely stained at all). I covered my creepy blonde spots and now have an even orange through my hair, I was hoping it would darken to more of a red than orange but from what I read this will happen with time as you reapply and do touch ups.

My hair is silky, soft, bouncy and shiny! But yes, it’s orange.

If you’re thinking of dyeing your hair with henna this site is a must, it seems everyone has a different way of doing it so just use the advice as a guideline, I soaked my henna for different times both times I also left it on for different amounts of time and the results were the same.


20121121-192422.jpg Pre Henna.  Dont mind the face that was the day I spent $40 on a crooked haircut.  (I really should get that fixed…)

20121121-192453.jpgHenna #1 with a clementine

20121121-192502.jpgHenna #2 not much different

20121121-192514.jpgIt’s a lot darker when I pull it back, my blonde was mostly on top


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