Hello world!

Welcome to my attempt to document my adventures and experiments in natural healthy hippiedom.  I’ve tried a whole lotta fun stuff in the last 6 months or so, some great and some terrible (hello, no poo).  This blog is to be a personal, positive space to share my experiences with like minded modern hippie types.  In an effort to stay true to my new simple ways, I wont be reading, re-reading, analyzing, editing, deleting and rewriting my posts.  So if I’m grammatically incorrect, a terrible speller or just plain lazy it’s a good thing I’m not a writer!

During my months of creeping a zillion other blogs I’ve noticed a lot of miserable know it alls wasting “comment” space with their negativity and piss poor attitudes.  I love peoples different opinions and I’m totally open to them but I’m not open to people picking fights or discrediting others thoughts so ya, I’ll totally delete that shit!

Anyhoo if no one reads my blog that’s cool, but I hope I can help someone bring it down to simple!


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